Monday, 5 September 2011

Midnite by Randolph Stow

This delightful tale is about a boy who finds himself growing up to be the terror of Australia with his trusty gang Dora (a cow), RedNed (a horse), Khat (a cat), Major (a cockatoo) and Gyp (a dog).  Midnite's goal is to become a bushranger but it isn't easy when Trooper O'Grady keeps putting him in the great grey jail by the sea and sending him to court. Luckily for Midnite, he has his gang to help him out! Khat always rescues him from jail and Midnite is free to roam the bush and fall in love with the beautiful Miss Laura.

My favourite part is when Midnite and Khat get drunk in Mr Macpherson's wine cellar and get carried off to jail again in disgrace by Trooper O'Grady. The next day Midnite regrets going to  the wine cellar at all for he had a terrible headache!

This a fantastic book! I give it a FIVE STAR rating.

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